Magnetism and Medicine

Earth is itself a ball of magnet. Now this magnet exhibits a very innovative property which is called as the magnetism. Magnetism is actually a force that operates on the principle of attraction as well as repulsion thus giving its surrounding a very good effect of its presence. Like the electrodes which exhibit the electrostatic force of attraction as well as repulsion, because of the presence of positive charge and negative charge in them. Magnet is also governed with the help of pole. A magnet has two poles North Pole and the South Pole. The poles present in the magnet is due to its presence in the earth and as earth itself is a magnet their poles of the magnet are in complementation to the Earth’s Magnetic field. Thus their alignment is totally opposite to the earth’s magnetic field. Thus staying in the earth’s magnetic environment. Thus a magnet and its magnetic force is pole dependent. 

Researchers and doctors and also many other technician have found that this property of the magnet very useful. They wanted this property to be integrated to the medical detection system. MRI or what is commonly called as the Magnetic Resonance Imaging is one of the adaptation of magnetic property in to the treatment method.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is one of the most effective technique that uses magnetism or the magnetic property in detecting several other problems. It is mainly a technique with which we can have a look of the internal organs of the body. Thus giving us all the images and the insights of these internal organs. It is a very newly found technique available in all the cities across India. Chennai in India is one of the medical hub of the country. Naturally we can easily find MRI scan centers in Chennai

Along with the magnetic property MRI also uses high frequency radio waves for its detection. The body has different type of problems. However these scanning and imaging detection system is one of the best way for the doctors for the analysis of the problems. They can penetrate deep in to the body thus illuminating the organs and different other tissue. They are provided with an output system, which computerized where all the results come. A large shaped magnet is used in the MRI system along with the radio waves which uses the magnetic force or the energy for the detection of the problems inside the body.

MRI used for 

MRI is most useful in detecting the internal organs of the body. MRI scanning technique is mainly used in
  • Joints as well as Bones
  • Brain problems
  • Heart and also the blood vessels
  • Spinal Cord related problems
  • Breasts or mammary gland
  • Internal Organs like prostate gland and womb any many others
Machine Constituents and set up

Machine set up of the MRI goes like this. It is large and cylinder shaped magnet. The set up consists of a bed in between the magnet. For the patients to lie down. And thus the scanning system starts working all throughout giving us good knowledge about the problem.

Making Treatment Methods Easier

Open MRI scan centers in Chennai offers good system and some centers also provide them with good price range, thus making the medical practice very much easier.

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